How to remove dye stains from the skin? Tricks and remedies

You are able to dye your hair at home without any problems. The process is easy and quick, but be careful not to get dye on your skin.

Hair dyes that you can use at home are very useful because they come with everything you need. However, they can stain your skin and clothes if you are not careful.

Hair dyes can change the color of your hair, and they can also leave dark spots on your face.

It can be hard to get these spots out sometimes. It’s even more dangerous if you use dark dyes like brown, black, or tan.

Here are the best tricks and remedies to remove dye stains on the skin quickly. Let’s know How to remove dye stains from the skin?

How to avoid dye stains on the skin?

The best thing to do is to keep your skin from getting damaged.  In order to do this, you should protect your skin at home the same way they do at the hair salon.

There are oils that can keep your skin from getting stained. If you don’t have one, put on a lot of olive oil, Vaseline, or a hydrating cream. The dye won’t stick to these things, so your skin won’t get dyed.

Put them on your face, forehead, temples, neck, and ears, which are the places that dye tends to get stuck. When you dye your hands, you should always wear gloves. You should also cover your arms and chest with old clothes.

There is always a chance of getting something dirty with home hair dyes, even though they are made so that they don’t drip (and the applicators are getting better at that).

That’s why you should use the dyes in a room with clean floors and chairs. Bring gloves, a towel, a comb, and anything else you might need.

How to remove hair dye from the hairline and face

Hair dye can leave marks on your face and along your neck where it was put on. You should stay away from very rough cleaners on your face because it can be more sensitive than skin on other parts of your body.

1. Water and soap

If you get hair dye on your skin, you should use soap and warm water to try to get rid of it.

As soon as you start wiping off the dye, before it dries, or right after you put it on, it might come off. If it doesn’t work or if it has already stained your skin, try one of the other ones below.

2. Oil from olives

If you have stains on your face, olive oil may help get rid of them. This might work best for people with sensitive skin, but anyone can give it a try.

To use, put a little olive oil on a cotton ball or your finger and rub it into the skin spot gently. It can stay on for eight hours.

You might want to put a bandage or plastic over it or sleep with it on so it doesn’t damage anything.

Use warm water to wash it off.

3. Soap and water

Since rubbing alcohol can be rough and dry out skin, this might not be the best choice if your skin is very sensitive or dry.

A cotton ball or pad should be soaked in rubbing alcohol. This will help get rid of the dye. Dab it gently on the area of your skin that is damaged. Make sure to wash the area with warm water and soap after the dye is off.

4. Toothbrush

Some stains can be taken off of teeth with toothpaste. Hair dye marks on the skin may also be taken off with toothpaste.

Put a little toothpaste that doesn’t gel on a cotton swab or your finger. Rub it into your skin gently over the dye. After 5 to 10 minutes, use a washcloth soaked in warm water to take it off.

Removing dye from hands

Removing dye from hands

You might be able to use the same methods to get rid of dye on your hands as you did on your face and hairline. These other things can also work:

1. Clear nail polish

Taking off nail paint shouldn’t be done on your face or neck, but it can help get rid of stains on your hands. Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to put a little nail paint remover on it. For a short time, rub it over the spot. It should start to get better.

After taking off your nail paint, wash your hands with warm water and soap.

2. Baking soda and dish soap

Dish soap can help get rid of the dye, and baking soda can be used to scrub.

To use, make a mix out of mild dish soap and baking soda. Rub the paste on your hands gently over the spot, and then wash your hands with warm water.

How to remove hair dye stains from the skin?

There’s no need to worry if you didn’t protect your skin or if, even though you did, it got stained, because these ugly marks can be taken off quickly.

You should try to get rid of them as soon as possible, since it will be harder to get rid of them without having to scrub a lot.

Vaseline can be used to get rid of dye spots on the skin of your face. Just rub it on in gentle circular motions.

Makeup removers are another thing that can help you get rid of dye spots on your skin.  There are two types of makeup remover: milk and oil. It is best to use a two-phase makeup remover to get rid of protective makeup. Use a cotton pad or makeup remover pad to put it on your face and rub it in gently.

You can also quickly get rid of dye stains on your skin with baby oil. These items are very gentle on the skin, so they are a great choice if you also have sensitive skin. Put it on your face, massage it in, and then use a cotton pad to wipe it off.

Another good way to get rid of ugly dye spots on the skin is to use baby wipes or makeup remover wipes.

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Homemade tricks to remove dye stains

Homemade tricks to remove dye stains

You can also use homemade tricks to remove hair dye stains, but we recommend that you do not use them on your face. The skin on the face is more sensitive, and it is better not to risk it with these remedies. But they can help you remove dye stains on your arms, for example.

Among the home remedies that you can use are sanitary alcohol , acetone or toothpaste , which you can apply to the stain with the help of a cotton ball.


How long does dye stain last on skin?

In general, permanent hair dye will stay on your face for one to two weeks. About every 27 days, skin grows back, but hair dye should fade faster if you wash your hair every day. You might be able to get rid of it in a few days if you wash your face every day.

Does Vaseline remove dye from skin?

Cleveland says that Vaseline and Aquaphor work the same way. Use a small amount and rub it into the spot in a circle. Use a wet cloth to clean the area once the dye starts to come off. Noreen says that baking soda mixed with dish soap also works well.

How to remove dye from the face?

Here’s how to get rid of dye spots on your face and hairline. “I suggest a simple cleanser without soap and water,” like the well-known Dove Beauty Bar. Any oil, like coconut oil, baby oil, or argan oil, can also be used to clean your hair and get rid of hair dye.

Final Thought: How to remove dye stains from the skin?

To remove dye stains from the skin, gently scrub the area with a mixture of mild soap and water. If the stain persists, try rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on a cotton ball, being careful to avoid sensitive areas. Rinse thoroughly and moisturize afterwards to keep the skin hydrated.

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